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Final Information for Camp

August 7th, 2013 Comments off


We will be having practice Tuesday at 8am. Then change, eat breakfast, then up to camp.

  • Runners must have all of their paperwork turned to the Athletic Office and get their Try Out Card.

So that means Physical, Emergency Release Form, and Concussion Form. (Athletic Fee has to be paid before the first meet)  

  • SC Camp Rules Form and Young Life Release Form need to be turned in to the coaches on Camp Day
  • The Camp fee is $270 or if you worked the road race it will be $220. Paying by cash is Preferred but if paying by check, Make checks out to TIMBER WOLF YOUNG LIFE



  1. Personal medicines, toiletries, bug spray, sun screen, contacts solution, etc.
  2. Towels for running/beach – pillow and linens are provided.
  3. Running gear for 6 DAYS – socks, 2 pair of shoes, shorts, rain gear (yes we run in the rain!) Remember: We will be running twice a day
  4. One nice outfit.
  5. Heavy clothes for cool temperatures in the evening.
  6. Insurance card/medical authorization from parents.
  7. Snacks … the meals are great so don’t overdo the junk food. They will feed us well!
  8. Dirty laundry bag, alarm clock, and fan.

We will be cramped for space so please limit yourself to one medium size (24x18x10) suit case or 2 medium size (18x10x10) gym bags. Bedding will be provided.

Spending Money: Enough for two lunch trips and any other food from vending machines at camp.

For any emergency here is the address for camp and our phone numbers

Coach Rob Schwerin                                           Timber Wolf Lake Cross Country Camp
(810) 423-0561                                                   Young Life
Coach Rachelle Palmateer                                   4909 N. Morey Rd.
(810) 444-2568                                                    Lake City, MI 49651
                                                                                (231) 839-7552



2013 Swartz Creek Cross Country Camp Rules young life release form

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No Practice Today

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Information about Cross Country Camp 2013

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No Practice Tonight

July 19th, 2013 Comments off

Again, we are not going to have practice tonight. Make sure you run over the weekend and drink lots of water. We’ll see everyone on Monday. We are going to go on a long run

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No Practice Tonight

July 16th, 2013 Comments off

We will not have practice tonight. We will see everyone tomorrow at 8am

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